Returning, Reconnecting

Exhibition Date: 8/2013 | Location: Then Cafe & Gallery / Hue, Vietnam

donde conocer hombre Returning Reconnecting Poster

invention of dating There has always been so much emphasis on trying new things, meeting new people, and exploring new environments – essentially what one would call experimentation, networking, and traveling.

Buy Cialis 25 mg in Beaumont Texas On the other hand, I’d like to think that there’s also value in returning to the same places and people over and over – to eat the same meals, to build deeper and stronger relationships with loved ones, and to see how environments change over time.

go here For the past six years, I’ve lived a life between two worlds: the U.S. and Vietnam. I have been back and forth six times in the last six years, a total of three years in Hue, Vietnam and three years in the U.S. Because of this transience, I’ve been able to experience the beauty that comes with returning and reconnecting.

site rencontre avec femme musulmane This exhibition chronicles the beauty I’ve found when returning and reconnecting. My two worlds are connected but separate, the same but different. As I find ways to unite these two seemingly disparate worlds, I vow to always return to reconnect with the things, people, and places that make me who I am.

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