Mindful Environments

http://aquanetta.pl/?kostromesp=opcje-binarne-rozliczenie&4cc=2c I’ve been practicing mindfulness and vipassana meditation for the past four years, and I’ve become increasingly fascinated in the intersections of present-moment awareness and photo documentation.

http://www.degroes.nl/?makros=homme-scorpion-flirt&0ab=7b here Being present vs. documenting. Are they really in conflict with each other?

broker malta I’ve met many people on the two opposing sides of this dichotomy. I have those hiking friends who are natural beauty enthusiasts, and they tell me that they’ve never been and probably never will be a photographer. They don’t enjoy taking their camera out because they think it “cheapens” the already beautiful moment. Then, there’s my “digital native” friends who, without much contemplation, take photos of most things they encounter, quickly moving from subject to subject and on to the next beautiful thing they deem worthy of documentation.

http://gatehousegallery.co.uk/?myka=quanto-serve-per-investire-la-prima-volta-in-opzioni-binarie&dac=a5 Over the past few years, my meditation practice has helped me become more intellectually engaged with my photography. I knew I wanted to practice a “middle path” between present-moment awareness and my love for documentation. http://penizeamy.cz/friopre/4510 Was it possible to get to the point of being present when I was documenting? Would this translate through my photography?

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