Hy V. Huynh, PhD

Center for Health Policy & Inequalities Research
Duke University, Durham, North Carolina
Community Psychologist
Global Mental Health Researcher
Social Impact Communications Director
[email protected] • pronouns: they/he • hyvhuynh.com

My name is Dr. Hy V. Huynh. I'm a researcher 
and a practitioner / a scientist and an artist.

After receiving my doctorate in community psychology and acquiring over a decade of domestic and international experience as a community development practitioner, I joined the Center for Health Policy and Inequalities Research (CHPIR) at Duke University and am currently a Research Scholar.

Much of my research interests have a strong focus on mental health disparities and protective factors, particularly for marginalized youth and young adult populations such as orphaned and separated children, immigrant/refugee youth, youth of color, and LGBTQ youth and young adults in low- and middle- resource contexts.





I'm also a professional humanitarian photographer. I help humanitarian professionals maximize their social impact with ethical and human-centered visual storytelling. So much of my community psychology background informs my thoughtful and intentional approach to photography.


Finally, I run a social impact website design studio called LocaltoGlobalDesign. We create visually meaningful websites for socially conscious entrepreneurs, small businesses, and community organizations and strive to design with a social justice lens that embraces equity over equality.











If you'd like to connect or collaborate, feel free to reach out.